Conceived and produced by women, Symposia offers a different take on a cannabis conference. Welcome to a gathering that will leave you recharged and inspired, not overwhelmed and tired.

Symposia offers workshops for personal development, offerings of beautiful goods and holistic services that promise to elevate the weekend into a rare self-care experience.

From our Living Library to the Promenade, we’ve endeavored to provide a unique experience in an atmosphere of unity, relaxation and collaboration.

The Living Library

These women are mavens of medical, spiritual, cultivation, cultural, and aspects of the cannabis plant and eager to share their knowledge and skills. Intimate circles allows everyone to interact and ask questions to each person in the Living Library. 

The Ultimate
Cannatherapy Circle

Cannatherapy is a unique sharing opportunity that explores the experience of using cannabis. As a collective of like-minded women, we have a lot to offer each other through loving support, humour and personal experiences.

Whether you’re a long time consumer or cannabis curious, the Cannatherapy Circle led by Danielle Jackson offers a safe space to explore cannabis consumption. Ask questions, receive advice and enjoy the collective healing and community building aspects of the cannabis connection.

More Symposia Offerings

Symposia offers a variety of workshops, circles, fun activities and restorative services. From card readings and hennas to growing tips and canna-infused massages, Symposia has all of your bases covered.

Shake It!

Burlesque anyone? Maybe some belly dancing? Perhaps a reggae dance party? We haven’tdecided yet but we will! Get your groove on and dance!

Maker Workshops

Try your hand at infused body products, canna-cuisine and elevated art. Learn something new and take your creations with you.

Le Promenade

Relax and unwind during Symposia. Book a cbd massage, a henna or an intuitive reading in advance and slip away for treatment from one of these talented holistic therapists.

Vendor & Holistic Service Opportunities

 No need for high heels or to stand around waiting for clients to push their way to your booth. All our vendors have suites on The Promenade for less than the cost of a booth at a trade show! Why lug you stuff home? Stay in your suite. Make lasting connections and new customers. in a relaxing atmosphere that also showcases your products.


Get Involved


 Herbal remedies have traditionally been the healing tools of mothers and medicine women across the globe.  Women are the primary caregivers for both children and aging parents. We work hard within and outside of our homes, often at the expense our own needs. Cannabis is a healing plant and has harmonious properties that resonate with women in the face of stress, potential prescription addiction, and chronic pain.


Treat yourself to a weekend dedicated to you. Symposia is informative, inspiring, relaxing and self care oriented. Grab your girlfriend,mother, or grammy and make it into a girls weekend of sharing and caring.

Support & Collaborate

Women are the best source of word of mouth recommendations, sponsoring an event like Symposia develops brand awareness, increases consumer reach and develops good will within the community.

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Symposium Hours

S-S: 10am – 5pm

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